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39028Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • aheilvei
    Dec 1, 2003
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      > This is to ensure that she can actually publish her work/theories
      in an
      > academic setting. If she allows recordings or publishes her work
      in a
      > handout for the SCA audience, it will have a damaging effect on
      her ability
      > to publish it and have it be a serious academic work.

      Drea doesn't seem to have had that problem, or she wouldn't have
      been invited back to Kalamazoo, nor would she have been able to
      publish her book. So I really don't see where giving your
      information to the SCA or people in the SCA would damage your
      credibility with the academic community that much. No, people who
      go to Kalamazoo and are SCA don't shout it from the rooftops, but if
      asked, they usually fess up and are generally admired as someone who
      did all the research without academic backing and resourses.

      Despina, I'm not sure if you realize that Robin is
      > one of the session organizers for K'zoo and she actively
      encourages and
      > works with SCA folks to get their information out there to the
      > community at the Congress? Without Robin's work in this area, I'm
      not sure
      > how many of them would have been accorded the same opportunity by
      > academic community.

      Yes, I do know what Robin does at Kalamzaoo (and yes, I do think
      that having one's own session there is impressive) and I do think
      that others would have been (and were) afforded the same opportunity
      as Robin. She wasn't the first SCA person to attend Kalamazoo, I'd
      bet. And I know that she isn't the only person at Kalamazoo pushing
      for the inclusion of independant scholars, re-creationists, and re-
      enactors work to be represented and considered there.

      Like I said people, I don't have anything against her or her
      research, just take it with the same pinch of salt you take
      everything else.

      Marc, you didn't put anything in my mouth with your last post, I
      agree with what you said.

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