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39027Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • Colleen McDonald
    Dec 1, 2003
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      > For someone who doesn't do the SCA anymore unless she's a paid
      > lecturer she gets a lot of SCA press. >>

      Just to ensure clarity, Robin lectures to SCA groups because the groups
      invite her and she's still fond of the Society, even though she herself has
      moved on. She isn't actively lobbying to lecture for the SCA - folks
      approach her. I think she gets a lot of SCA press because people find her
      work to be helpful and her theories make sense.

      > Since you've been to her
      > lectures so often, you will have heard the repeated admonitions to
      > not record her lectures, not give anyone notes from her lectures
      > without the caveat that they are your interpretation of her words,
      > not her words, and not to give her handouts to anyone who hasn't
      > actually taken her classes.>>

      This is to ensure that she can actually publish her work/theories in an
      academic setting. If she allows recordings or publishes her work in a
      handout for the SCA audience, it will have a damaging effect on her ability
      to publish it and have it be a serious academic work.

      <<Drea has taught at events without needing to have her expenses paid or be
      paid to be
      > there. >>

      Drea is still an active participating member of the SCA (as far as I am
      aware). Robin is not and lectures at events as a courtesy to the group. It
      is not her primary interest (although she's delighted to discuss with us),
      so I don't see it as unreasonable to ask for her travel to be included. If
      she were not lecturing, she wouldn't be in the area.

      I know that I really appreciate all of the time and energy Robin does spend
      working with SCA folks and helping to get SCA folks on the presentation
      schedule at Kalmazoo. Despina, I'm not sure if you realize that Robin is
      one of the session organizers for K'zoo and she actively encourages and
      works with SCA folks to get their information out there to the academic
      community at the Congress? Without Robin's work in this area, I'm not sure
      how many of them would have been accorded the same opportunity by the
      academic community.

      (who organized Robin's lectures in Seattle last August)
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