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39026Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • Marc Carlson
    Dec 1, 2003
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "aheilvei" <aheilvei@u...> wrote:
      > ...For someone who doesn't do the SCA anymore unless she's a paid
      > lecturer she gets a lot of SCA press.

      You will pardon me for this, but it's not like THAT's all that hard.
      As an observation, people who actually do research and make it
      available tend to get a lot of SCA attention. That's not a criticism
      of anyone or anything - it's a system that's been quite useful for me
      (not to mention good to me, and I appreicate that).

      Now, I realize you are talking about theories being just that, and you
      are prefectly correct. Some theories are well founded, some less so,
      and it's good to be skeptical. And yes, I think she'd agree if she
      were here.

      Personally, while I think Robin's observations on Gothic posture as
      they relate to how beauty is seen, and the use of garments to attain
      this are valid (which for the folks who migh not know, doesn't mean
      that I think they are true or not true - they are internally logically
      supportable). I think the whole four cornered dress design is
      intriguing speculation and does not contradict the evidence (note:
      "speculation" in this context is not a criticism, it's simply a
      statement that she's moved outside the established evidence and is
      projecting an extrapilation based on that evidence. In this case that
      extrapolation is I think reasonable give the current paucity of evidence).

      I couldn't agree with you more that (and I hope I'm not putting worse
      into your mouth here - I'm commenting on the general direction what
      you have said appears to be going, not anything you've said directly)
      people should keep in mind that what they are being given by any
      scholar should be examined critically. Personally, I wish people
      would do that with everything (television, books, academic articles,
      and so forth), and not just Robin or myself, but if that's where we
      have to start... Definately point out that the author has no obvious
      publication (OK, I think she did publish an article in the TI a few
      years ago) OTOH, the whole DISTAFF thing is pretty impressive,..
      Kalamazoo doesn't give sessions to just anyone. :)

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