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39022Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • aheilvei
    Dec 1, 2003
      I never said that she stinks and her theories are a hock of hooey, I
      said that they are theories, just like any other theory, and people
      should remember that when sitting in the lecture.

      For someone who doesn't do the SCA anymore unless she's a paid
      lecturer she gets a lot of SCA press.

      She also hasn't ever published anything as far as I know *and* she's
      tremendously clutchy with her work. Since you've been to her
      lectures so often, you will have heard the repeated admonitions to
      not record her lectures, not give anyone notes from her lectures
      without the caveat that they are your interpretation of her words,
      not her words, and not to give her handouts to anyone who hasn't
      actually taken her classes.

      Her website contains a link to her posts on costume lists and the
      PDF for one of her workshops which doesn't say much really about how
      to make one of these dresses according to her theories, just that it
      works. That's it.. oh, and a link to a picture of her in one of
      these dresses. No publications. Yes, she's presented at the
      Kalamazoo conference, but so have a fair number of SCA people who
      *do* publish and put themselves out in the public eye for this -
      Drea Leed comes immediately to mind. Drea's website contains a lot
      of her research and articles, as well as those from other people on
      similar subjects. Drea has also published a book. Drea has taught
      at events without needing to have her expenses paid or be paid to be
      there. Sure, she's still in the SCA but she's also an enthusiastic
      independant scholar who wants others to see her research and use it -
      unlike Robin who doesn't seem to want it out there.

      Yes, many of Robin's theories make sense; however, I don't take
      anyone's word as the final say on something that has absolutely no
      extant garment evidence to back it up. I have yet to find the
      person I believe actually walks on water when it comes to theorizing
      how something was done with no physical evidence. As we've pointed
      out here, even Janet Arnold made mistakes and she did have the
      garments in many cases.

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