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39020Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • Colleen McDonald
    Dec 1, 2003
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      > ...but her work on this not being published is a bit of a bad sign:
      > it means either 1)publishers don't considder it "good enough" yet or
      > 2) she's not satsified with it/ready to send it off for peer-
      > review. Plus, without it being published, people like me get (let's
      > see: she's doing primary/sencondary research, you hearing it's
      > tertiary, so my reading your notes would be... quartirary?... rather
      > low on the food-chain, at any rate!) info! >>

      Robin is going to be publishing articles as soon as the new journal that she
      and Gale Owen-Crocker are editing is up and running.

      Something to keep in mind is that Robin uses *lots* of slides to guide the
      attendees through the evolution of the theory. Publishing in the format
      that she lectures in would mean getting permission to include each and every
      one of those images - time consuming and quite expensive! (She and I
      discussed this during her recent visit to Seattle to lecture.)

      In service, I remain

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