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39018Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • ACatelli@manafortbrothers.com
    Dec 1, 2003
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      > Also remember that her theories are just that, theories. No matter
      > how prettily she packages them, or how many paintings she puts
      > together, they are theories until someone rips into a grave from the
      > period and place and finds an intact gown.

      1. 'Theory' is Not equivalent to 'wild-ass guess'.
      Perhaps you could get confirmation from anyone you might possibly know in
      the sciences.
      (such as, perhaps, your sweetie)

      2. Robin has great hopes of the Hull finds, as so many of us do. The
      preliminary findings already published are so tantalizing.

      3. Yes, I'm biased--I've heard most of her lectures twice & quite lust
      after her slides. Her theories are based on the closest extant garments
      with minimal assumptions which she explains and labels as assumptions, with
      all the confirmation she can get from pictorial and sculptural arts,
      inventories, and other texts contemporary to the fashion.

      4. There is no one true answer to the construction of the gothic fitted
      gown, the versatile layer gown, the 'cotehardie'.
      Even I admit that, and I have found Robin's evidence and logic very

      Ann in CT
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