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39Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Fwd: Lady Jehanne de Wodeford's greetings

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  • L Joseph
    Jan 12, 2001
      --- Stephen Higa <mitsuo@...> wrote:
      > Shalom, Do´┐Ża Jehanne! I am Moshe Mantega, son of
      > Yishma'el al-'Abri.

      Pax vobiscum, my lord

      > How wonderful! A house of prayer is always a
      > welcome thing. I hail
      > from the house of the illustrious merchant Shafiq
      > ibn Wahib al-Khayyat
      > 'Abd al-Rahman al-Andalusi, where I enjoy his
      > patronage as a poet and
      > musician (albeit a Jewish one). The Christians have
      > just taken this
      > area back from the Moslem rulers in the south, so I
      > must say that I am
      > in Southern Castile. Interesting--my father as a
      > boy would've called
      > himself Andalusian!

      Ah, a lady of my acquaintance also hails from al
      Andaluz. Dona Ana Ravaya de Guzman is a talented
      singer and poet. I expect to see her this weekend at
      East Kingdom Twelfth Night and will mention this venue
      to her as I'm sure from her work she will be

      > Ah, the West! I hope to see you there!
      I'm looking forward to it, though I will miss my
      friends here in Rusted Woodlands.

      > Nice! WHat is your period of musical interest?
      Better to say, what isn't? My tastes are extremely
      eclectic. I've been singing with a choir that does
      mostly late period polyphony (we have singers of
      varying skill levels and if you aren't used to the
      positively crunchy harmonies in earlier pieces, it's
      more difficult to absorb). I've done some Elizabethan
      songs by Dowland, and am currently working on trying
      to learn "Ja Nus Hon Pris" which is attributed to
      Richard Coeur de Lion, so I'm all over the map.
      Mundanely my music education consists of three years
      of piano lessons as a child so I'm self taught on
      whistle and psaltery and am learning as I go.
      little harder for some of our members to "get">

      > Oh, I'm sorry. One thing I can say for the West (at
      > least where I am) is that we have a lot of good
      > dance instructors who teach us only the
      > period stuff.
      I know. My lord, Vicomte Maitre Cai de Lyon, who just
      moved back out there, has his laurel in dance and will
      not do anything from Playford.
      > Yes, you make a good point, and I usually refrain
      > from using that term (unless the person actually
      > fits it, which I have yet to see ;)
      I prefer troubadour or minstrel, which are closer to
      what I do. Don't get me started on drunken louts who
      do SCA karaoke or the Dumbekistan Drum and Drum Corps.
      > I haven't seen much archery, and little [period]
      > music, but you'll change all that, I'm sure :)
      We'll see. I will be as a stranger in a strange land.
      Surely there is someone in the cradle of SCA
      civilization who does period music. Nonetheless, I am
      frantically copying sheet music before I leave. If
      Golden Rivers doesn't yet have a choir I may have to
      start one.


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