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38507Re: Book search and "scrolls"

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  • Lady_Lark_Azure
    Nov 5, 2003
      > That's not so bad Isabeau. The manuscript facsimilie that I want
      > most is only $19,000 US. *sigh*

      Wow!! And I thought the Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux were bad at
      $5,300. At least I do know where I can look at the book I want, even
      if it is two hours away.

      On the subject of "scrolls" I have to say that I like knowing things
      are appropriate to my persona, but I'll take whatever my crazy
      friends and family are willing to do. I think that the time and
      effort of people who love me go far more into my reaction than either
      the "pretty" or "period" factor.

      I think Eloise of Coulter probably still gets a grin from her scroll
      done on powder blue paper, in crayon, with lots of silver glitter
      from when she was crowned "scroll fairy" after completing 52
      beautiful, original "scrolls" in a 6 month period. Since it wasn't
      an official SCA award, just a thank you from the reigning monarchs it
      was perfect (of course the fairy wings, crown and scroll that went
      with it didn't hurt).

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