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38462Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: apology

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  • Theresa Brooks
    Nov 5, 2003
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      I find that lasagna works well if a good wallop is deserved.
      Then you have Linguini too, a hand full could be a cat-o- nine.
      Angle hair could be used for a rather small offense that just needs a little attention.
      You could of course simply be rolled around in a bath of elbows :) :)

      But then again, depending on how you cook your pasta, it could just be a real sticky situation :) :) :)

      OK thats enough silly from me, I am going to hide now before the smacks come :)


      Thanks for your graciousness Madinia. I think it's time for me to
      take my meds and go home. (I'll have to scour the kitchen to see
      what type of noodles I'm going to be beaten with....)

      g'nite everyone,

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