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38Re: Fwd: Lady Jehanne de Wodeford's greetings

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  • Stephen Higa
    Jan 11, 2001
      --- In Authentic_SCA@egroups.com, "Stephen Higa" <mitsuo@u...> wrote:
      (actually, "L Joseph" wrote, but in reply to the welcome message,
      which sent it to me, so I'm forwarding it :)

      Shalom, Doña Jehanne! I am Moshe Mantega, son of Yishma'el al-'Abri.

      > I've been getting in - no, make that "spirited
      > debates", a lady never fights - over the performance
      > of music in our Society and figured this might be a
      > place to meet some folks who aren't going to whine at
      > me about wanting to dance "Hole In The Wall".

      I am not familiar with this dance, but I do share your anguish at the
      lack of appropriate music at events!

      > For your information, I hail from a small manor on the
      > Avon in Wiltshire, about midway between the Stone
      > Henge and the bishopric of Salisbury where the new
      > cathedral is being planned.

      How wonderful! A house of prayer is always a welcome thing. I hail
      from the house of the illustrious merchant Shafiq ibn Wahib al-Khayyat
      'Abd al-Rahman al-Andalusi, where I enjoy his patronage as a poet and
      musician (albeit a Jewish one). The Christians have just taken this
      area back from the Moslem rulers in the south, so I must say that I am
      in Southern Castile. Interesting--my father as a boy would've called
      himself Andalusian!

      > Presently I reside in the
      > East Kingdom, however, I will be joining my lord in
      > Golden Rivers in the West this spring.

      Ah, the West! I hope to see you there!

      > I enjoy shooting the longbow as well as singing and
      > playing music upon the pennywhistle and psaltery.

      Nice! WHat is your period of musical interest?

      > Because I play for dancing at events I am frequently
      > at the mercy of dancers and dance masters who want to
      > do out of period dances.

      Oh, I'm sorry. One thing I can say for the West (at least where I am)
      is that we have a lot of good dance instructors who teach us only the
      period stuff.

      > I cringe regularly at the use
      > of the word "bard" because a perfectly good Celtic job
      > description has been turned into a bad catchall for
      > anything that bears a remote resemblance to a
      > "performing art."

      Yes, you make a good point, and I usually refrain from using that term
      (unless the person actually fits it, which I have yet to see ;)

      > I hope to find out what the West offers in terms of
      > music and archery when I get there later this year.

      I haven't seen much archery, and little [period] music, but you'll
      change all that, I'm sure :)

      > Jehanne here endeth with wishes for peace and
      > prosperity in the coming new year.

      Moshe, the servant of God (and secondly, King Alfonso), returns those
      greetings. May all follow their personal mitzvot and keep the
      Commandments of Moses! Remember: I believe it was Rabbi Hillel (of
      blessed memory) who reminded us that the essence of Torah is "do to
      others what you would have done to you"--all the rest is commentary.

      > --- Authentic_SCA Moderator
      > <Authentic_SCA-owner@egroups.com> wrote:
      > > My name is Moshe Mantega (aka Stephen Higa), a 12th
      > > c. Jewish mystical poet from Spain.
      > >
      > > I have only been in the SCA for less than a year. :)
      > > However, I have a major in history, and therefore
      > > have been a little disappointed in terms of
      > > "authenticity" and ambiance in the SCA. I am in the
      > > Kingdom of the West, so I suppose that would explain
      > > things. :)
      > >
      > > Anyways, this group has been set up to give all you
      > > "Authenticity Mavens" out there a place to connect.
      > > Excuse me, let me re-label ourselves:
      > > "Authenticity-Fun Mavens." After all, ambiance and
      > > amateur scholarship has everything to do with what's
      > > fun about the SCA, am I right?
      > >
      > > I hope this eGroup is comforting. We can share
      > > horror stories, and trade advice on becoming more
      > > "perfect" in our anachronism.
      > >
      > > el Dio vos vala (I even try to use 12th c.
      > > Spanish!),
      > > Moshe Mantega
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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