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  • Marc Carlson
    Sep 1, 2003
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Maitiú the JOAT <the_joat@b...>

      It was posted there by me, since I do know there are people there who
      are interested in discovering more about medieval shoes as well, and I
      figured that if this new list was going to be a serious place to
      discuss such things, those folks might be interested as well.


      > A notice about your new list was posted (not by me) to the Crispin
      > Colloquy, the online forums of the Honourable Cordwainer's Company
      > as soon as you created it. The notice was in The Crispin Colloquy: Open
      > Forum: Boot and Shoes In History: Medieval Lasts.
      > I do not make historical footwear (I'm having quite enough of a time
      > learning to make contemporary stuff by hand), but there are a few
      > there who do, so you may be able to learn from each other.
      > Laurensa wrote:
      > >I have just created a Yahooie list for shoemaking! Why? Because I
      want to
      > >know evvvvverything!!
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