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37252re: period?

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  • Carolin
    Sep 1, 2003
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      >I'm cross posting a bit, so if you've seen this before, ignor it
      >What period would this pattern work for, if any?
      >Decided to ask before I did a major search. I'd rather do the
      >least amount of alterations as possible, but I'd like a good SCA
      >dress. I AM planning on doing lacing rather than a zipper. I've got
      >my material that I know is not period, since it has a polyester
      >feel. I got it from the dollar a yard rack (so excited about that).
      >It is a good fabric, but a dollar because it was a remnant and they
      >don't say the fabric type with remnants.
      >So help please! I love this pattern!
      From what I can tell it is similar to a bliaut which would be a
      garment of the 12th c. ... I also have some rather crude redrawings
      (no not Norris, German book... ) of paintings with 12th c dresses
      dresses like that, but they would follow more a T tunic like pattern
      and also have side lacing to get some form fitting.
      The pattern itself... well if you want to create something that looks
      authentic: don't use the pattern. The neckline looks wrong, they
      would not have used princess seams (the thing coming closest to
      princess seams is the 10 gore dress found in Herjolfsnes, but these
      aren't princess seams either, just seams going down the side, more or
      less under the arm).
      Now, after I told you, don't use the pattern... there should be an
      alternative, right... hm... I only have some of the pages with
      research on bliauts, but that should help:
      Marguerie's Bliaut page:
      She is on this list as well I think and will for sure be able to help
      you with further questions.
      Arianne de Chateaumichel has another website on the bliaut (that my
      computer doesn't want to load right now, I hope it is only temporary):

      Good luck!


      ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
      Carolin vom Adlersberg Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
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