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37037Re: Help me, dancers! Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

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  • Aliskye
    Aug 27, 2003
      I'm not sure if this will be a help at all.....I remember the Abbots
      Bromley Horn Dance being done every year at the Renaissance Pleasure
      Faire in Southern California when it was in Agoura (when the
      Patterson's were still running it). So you might want to try
      contacting them. I think they are running another faire now in
      Northern California and if my info is not totally amiss you can
      contact Kevin Patterson (who I believe is Phyllis' son) at As You
      Like It Productions 861 Sweetser Ave., Novato, CA 94945
      Phone (415) 897-4555 | Fax (415) 897-2162 They may have what you are
      looking for, or know someone who does.



      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "Joan Hall"
      <joan_the_harpist1119@y...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know of any place, any video, any tv show, anything
      > I could see the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance done? I've started
      > on the music as a harp instrumental and I've just fallen in love
      > it! The San Francisco Revels always does it, but the year I sang
      > with them (which is the only time I've "seen" the show) I never got
      > to see it. I was backstage during the Horn Dance trying
      > to _quietly_ drag my 240-lb. self up a flight of metal stairs to a
      > hideous rickety catwalk above the stage for the following number.
      > According to the notes in my music, it's almost time for the Abbots
      > Bromley Horn Dance: "the Monday following the first Sunday of
      > September that falls after the 4th of the month."
      > Joan the Harper
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