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34515Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: stimuli (OT)

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  • Alanfrize@aol.com
    Jun 30 4:57 PM
      Odd that someone should mention Plaid - over here that's one of my pet hates!
      Anyone who's got involved in Scottish re-enactment, and who takes it
      seriously, tends to wind up with a deep loathing for the material. Why? Because
      there are still those who labour under the belief that for something to be
      'Scottish' it has to be wrapped in layers of tartan tat. It's completely
      inauthentic (the earliest recorded mention of it is in 1530), yet there seems to be
      those out there (even in here in Scotland) who are using that utter rubbish that
      was Braveheart as an historical reference, rather than a hysterical comedy,
      which is what I see it as.
      It's possibly the most annyoning thing for me to see at a medieval event, and
      tends to ruin the mood of the event for me - why is it people in my group and
      others can take the time to actually research the period, yet others seem to
      approach serious research as something akin to heresy?
      Rant over.....
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