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  • chris_laning
    May 2, 2003
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "Ulrika" <the_happy_owl@y...>
      > Can you help me find pictures and patterns of nun's garbs?
      > I've tried searching yahoo (don't know how many different wordings I
      > tried) but no real luck.

      Very little of this information seems to be on the web -- the history of
      monastic clothing (especially women's) seems to be one of those areas that
      almost nobody studies.

      I have collected what information I can find -- can you be more specific about
      what you're looking for and what you plan to do with it?

      The best book I can think of on women's religious life in general is
      JoAnn McNamara's _Sisters in Arms_. She doesn't discuss garments
      as such, but she gives a very good picture of the extent to which
      medieval nuns were and weren't influenced by society's fashions.

      For serious research, probably the best resource that I know of on
      medieval religious women's garb is Desiree Koslin's PhD dissertation,
      _The Dress of Monastic & Religious Women as seen in Art from the
      Early Middle Ages to the Reformation_. It's at least a good overview
      of the subject (although the pictures are photocopied and don't
      come out very well), and I think the author is still actively doing
      research in this area. (I don't know her personally, but I know
      people who do.)

      I was able to get a copy of this through UMI Dissertation Services,
      who have this and many other theses and dissertations on microfilm,
      and will print and send a paper copy for (I think it was) something
      like $35. They are at :

      .... Or perhaps you would just like my list of the most common mistakes made
      by people trying to make "monastic" clothing? <g> It's currently in shorthand
      list form but I could probably expand on it.

      I have also found a good -- but very slow-loading -- collection of images from
      Germany which contains quite a few pictures of nuns, but I've forgotten the
      specific categories I searched in and will have to go back and re-find them. The
      main site is <http://www.bildindex.de/> but unless you speak German and
      have a fast internet connection it's pretty frustrating to try to find things.

      (Lady) Christian de Holacombe
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