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32134almost perfect fabric.

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  • Carolin
    May 2, 2003
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      ok, as we were discussing fabric anyway and I really have to share
      this: I just got a package with wonderful upholstery fabric! won on
      ebay! 5.5yds for $34 incl. shipping! And it's so pretty (a bit on the
      heavy side which will affect draping...): nice rusty red with golden
      woven in pattern that looks almost like you can see in many drawings
      from the 15th c.
      (http://www.unitedtextilesinc.com/apr03/DSCN201348.jpg) - just
      because I really need to share ;)) ... and best of all... according
      to the burn test I just made it seems to be mostly if not 100%
      cotton! no poly for me! (or only very little)... but this baby will
      have to sit in my closet until fall... will make a nice houppe for
      12th night... :) + a nice hennin (already got the organza for the
      veil) *sigh*
      Sorry for taking up bandwith with stuff like that, but I think the
      lesson you can learn from this: sometimes you can find cool fabric on
      ebay ;)
      Carolin - back to petting her fabric a bit more...

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