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32127Re: OT digging up dead people(was: corsets)

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  • ladymorwenna
    May 2, 2003
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      > Hi! Are you talking about the Palermo Mummies? If so Id love to know
      > what book you found. Did it have good photos? I love costumes, I
      > love mummies and these particular mummies are extra fasinating. The
      > monestary started excepting regular people to be mummified in 1599
      > and they closed it in 1920. So with the 1599 . . Thats right darn at
      > the end of our period so there has to be SOMEONE in that tomb we
      > could look at.
      > Muirgheal

      The current issue of Archaeology magazine has an article on the
      Palermo mummies. There's an abstract and further reading on-line.

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