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32109Re: [Authentic_SCA] lightweight wool

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  • Carolin
    May 1, 2003
      >At 01:11 AM 5/1/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      > >The red wool from fashionfabricsclub is crepe, which brings back my
      > >old (unanswered) question whether wool crepe resembles anything that
      > >might have been worn in period (so far I strongly doubt that and
      > >therefore have not bought any wool crepe).
      >Did you check message # 29533 and 29529 in the archives?
      >Evidently this message didn't come through yesterday so here it is again:
      >In the archives is much information. Please peruse it.

      Thanks Despina,

      apparently my email has really eaten your message yesterday (which
      makes me wonder what else gets lost... but that is another issue).
      And you are absolutely right: there is a lot of info in the archives!
      I have read all the message - from what I understand it basically
      boils down to: flannel is always good, suiting might be... and wool
      crepe is not? (sorry to keep asking that one question over and over
      again - I feel very stupid by now.) Wool crepe just doesn't seem to
      be "right" after all I have read in the MoL book and having a vague
      idea about how wool crepe feels like.
      (And if you search the archives for "crepe" it only spits out the
      most recent messages with me whining about not knowing whether it is
      OOP or not ;)).

      Sorry for being such a pain
      Carolin - after giving a talk + discussion that lasted more than 2 hours...

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