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32100Re: [Authentic_SCA] lightweight wool

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    May 1, 2003
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      At 01:11 AM 5/1/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >The red wool from fashionfabricsclub is crepe, which brings back my
      >old (unanswered) question whether wool crepe resembles anything that
      >might have been worn in period (so far I strongly doubt that and
      >therefore have not bought any wool crepe).

      Did you check message # 29533 and 29529 in the archives?

      Evidently this message didn't come through yesterday so here it is again:

      In the archives is much information. Please peruse it.

      on the topic of period wools:
      30497 and 30544 and 30623

      29529 and 29548 and 29533 and 29535
      and 29537 (which includes an online source) and 29551

      You can search the archives by topic such as "period wool" or "wool" or
      "appropriate wool" or "good wool" etc. One needn't go through the entire
      archive to find information on a particular subject.

      This is also why it's a good idea to change the subject of a thread once it
      deviates from the original topic - the search that happens when you look
      for something in the abovementioned manner is done by thread title. So if
      we're talking about hair fashions and the discussion moves into hats - the
      subject line needs to be changed to reflect that otherwise that information
      will be difficult to find in the archives.

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