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32099Re: [Authentic_SCA] lightweight wool

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  • Mary Denise Smith
    May 1, 2003
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      In a recent post on the SCA Garb list (I think it was that list),
      Mistress Thora Sharptooth explained the mechanics of crepe, and that
      creped yarn was used for weaving in the Viking era that she studies.
      Modern "crepe", especially non-wool crepe, is not the same mechanically
      as those fabrics. Modern lightweight wool crepe is made of creped yarns.
      You have to inspect the yardage to see if it is just that - intersecting
      creped yarns without the addition of "specialty" yarns.

      Having said that, just because a fabric was used in one time and place
      does not make it correct for another.

      I am sorry that I missed the early part of this conversation, so I don't
      know what time and place you are thinking about. I do late period
      English, and would consider wool crepe if it met other criteria for a
      particular garment. Please note that I said "consider".

      Hope this helps,


      Carolin wrote:
      > The red wool from fashionfabricsclub is crepe, which brings back my old (unanswered) question whether wool crepe resembles anything that might have been worn in period (so far I strongly doubt that and therefore have not bought any wool crepe).>>
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