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32098Re: Bog coats/ Norse caftans

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  • Paquerette
    May 1, 2003
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      > It is, essentially, a rectangular construction coat. Either two rectangles
      > sewn at the shoulder with a front opening and attached sleeves with gussets, or
      > one really long rectangle folded at the shoulder, etc. Necklines vary from
      > round to v-neck-ish, it seems. Mistress Thora Sharptooth has a decent pattern
      > for it on her website (http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/vikresource.html).
      > It's dead easy to make, easier to manouvre in than a cloak, and quite handy up
      > here where it's STILL SNOWING :p

      > *Generally of wool (the Norse were fond of twills)
      > *Often lined (with linen, silk or wool)
      > *Held closed at the breast with a brooch
      > *Could be embellished with silk ribbon strips, fur and/or occasional embroidery
      > *Overall length anywhere from knee to floor (sometimes depicted in art as
      > having a train of sorts)

      I believe it's a close cousin to the Frankish garment from the Arnegunde
      grave find, my version of which you can see here:
      http://www.endlesshills.org/pics/enn.jpg (It has since gotten shorter,
      acquired better trim, and better pins).