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31182Re: moving - slightly OT

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  • ladymorwenna
    Apr 2, 2003
      > But I wanted to announce that, after spending a fantastic day at
      > Brown University, where I was thoroughly impressed and utterly
      > delighted with everything I saw and heard, and where I met some
      > totally awesome students and professors, that I'll be leaving sunny
      > California and moving to Providence, RI sometime in mid-August.

      Hurrah! Glad your were delighted.

      > Morwenna and Yevsha were kind enough to show me around town and fill
      > me in on the local SCA scene.

      It was nice to meet you face to face. Hope to see you more often when
      you get settled in.

      > Ooooh, and it snowed while I was there!! I haven't seen it
      > snow since I was 12, so while those of you who have been snowed in
      > all winter probably think I'm completely daft to be this excited
      > about it, it was a great treat for me.
      > Vittoria

      Glad you enjoyed it. We ordered the snow special for you. : )

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