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  • kris
    Apr 2, 2003
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      At 08:20 AM 01/04/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      >There's a quick webpage about it at
      >http://www.snowplow.org/sarah/Edith.html. It's actually a complete
      >outfit: smock (linen), underdress (fustian), and gown (wool twill), with
      >veil (linen - someday to be replaced with silk), hosen (white linen), and
      >garters (same wool as the gown). Everything's handsewn, though with
      >commercial cotton and cotton/poly thread (soon... soon I will buy 3,000
      >yards of white linen from webs and never sew medieval clothes with
      >cotton/poly again). All of the body garments are of the side-gore
      >variety; one in each side of the smock (which is mid-calf length) and two
      >each in the underdress and gown. (Incidentally, I do wear the red fustian
      >dress solo quite a lot - it was one of my items in the Pennsic A&S display
      >last year.) The gores on the underdress start at the waist; the goes on
      >the gown start at the bottom of the gusset (I don't recommend this -
      >gussets and gore points don't mesh well - next time I do a tunic this way
      >I'm going to have at least SOME side seam). I decided to put the long
      >gores in this gown because, looking at the illustration I was working
      >from, there are clear folds (i.e., fullness) from the shoulders - and to
      >me, the best way to get that fullness was by starting to increase the
      >circumference of the garment as soon as possible.

      The gown looks amazing!

      For me, since I am a pear shape, I usually start the side gores 1-2 inches
      below the armpit gussets. That gives me enough room to get the points
      looking good. Doing this, I can also get an overgown out of 2.5 metres of
      60" wide fabric.. it's not terribly full, but there's still room at the hips.

      I should really take pictures of some of my earlier period clothes. They're
      so comfy and warm!


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