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31136moving - slightly OT

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  • Ariane Helou
    Apr 1 7:57 PM
      Greetings all,

      I just got back from a lovely week in New England, only to find over 600
      messages in my mailbox...I'm not even going to attempt to catch up. But I
      wanted to announce that, after spending a fantastic day at Brown
      University, where I was thoroughly impressed and utterly delighted with
      everything I saw and heard, and where I met some totally awesome students
      and professors, that I'll be leaving sunny California and moving to
      Providence, RI sometime in mid-August. Morwenna and Yevsha were kind
      enough to show me around town and fill me in on the local SCA scene. :) I
      won't be able to play much for the first year or two, but I'm definitely
      looking forward to getting involved with Carolingia and the other local
      groups at some point, and meeting some more of the Easterners on this
      list. Ooooh, and it snowed while I was there!! I haven't seen it snow
      since I was 12, so while those of you who have been snowed in all winter
      probably think I'm completely daft to be this excited about it, it was a
      great treat for me.

      I also got to check out the Fogg art gallery at Harvard (on the campus but
      open to the public), which has some beautiful 15th and 16th century Italian
      pieces - furniture and pottery as well as paintings. There was also a neat
      little case of small portraits and Limoges pottery from 16th century
      France, and a bunch of French and Spanish romanesque columns and
      sculptures. Anyone who's in the area should definitely check it out! I
      took a bunch of photos and might be posting them here soon; there was one
      Italian painting that showed clothing that looked totally unlike anything
      else I've seen from that era, so if the picture comes out well I may ask
      for your various opinions on it...

      That's all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled discussions and
      chatter. :-)

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