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31078leather Armor question???

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  • Gomez Addams
    Mar 31, 2003
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      Being an archer, I have been kind of pushed into the combat archery
      and so I need armor (and being an archer and not a walking tank I
      need light armor)... In researching, I haven't found much
      information on actual historical use of all leather armor in Medieval
      times. I have found references and pictures of Metal AND leather
      armor (plates of metal riveted to leather) but have not found
      anything about what styles were worn by the common soldiers in the
      Medieval times... About all the pictures I have seen show the
      archers with either lightly padded armor, or no armor at all... I
      have looked at the various sites which have patterns for making
      leather armor and also have looked at the various commercial
      offerings and as far as I can find out these have little to no basis
      in fact, especially the commercial leather armor (way to much fantasy
      there)... Can anyone give me some references or information on what
      armor I need to be able to do combat archery and still be reasonably
      accurate and authentic as an archer....I would appreciate it...
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