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  • Lena Strid
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Hmm, what a coincidence: I received my new sword yesterday, strapped it on, looked at myself
      in the mirror and thought "I think I'd like a 15th century men's outfit to go with it". Cue Lena
      looking for info in various books, binders and websites, and deliberately ignoring her almost
      finished 1300-dress, which is laying on the couch begging for attention.

      The only picture I have of joined hose is Memling's St John altarpiece. Sadly, the executioner is
      wearing dark hosen, so seams are not as visible as in the Weyden painting of the same
      scene. But as Weyden's executioner has rolled down his separate hosen and tied them at the
      knees, he isn't much help in this regard.

      I hope you will find many good pictures, Kass. Sorry I couldn't help you more.


      ----Kass's original message-----
      Hello all!

      I hope you can assist me in my search. I'm looking for 15th
      century pictures of joined hose. English, French or Burgundian
      pictures are preferred, but Italian pictures are also acceptable.
      Basically, I have a bunch of line drawings for which I have no
      references. I know I have seen them in period art, but I have no
      way of knowing where.

      While I pour through every art archive on the 'Net, I thought I'd ask
      you people if you knew of any pictures showing really good
      details of men's joined hosen. Pictures of hosen tied to
      pourpoints/doublets would be best.

      Thank you,

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      being turned into a were-spaniel, but the phrase "blissfully uncomplicated lifestyle" kept
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