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29548[Authentic_SCA] Re: Wool-buying advice

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  • Heather Rose Jones
    Feb 28, 2003
      At 8:35 PM +0000 2/28/03, Kass McGann
      <historian@...> wrote:

      >The wool most like medieval wool is called "flannel" by modern
      >fabric stores. It's a woolen (not worsted) twill weave that washed
      >up beautifully and fulls so that you can cut it without worrying
      >about ravelling. This wool is appropriate for hosen, gowns, etc. 
      >There's almost nothing this type of wool isn't appropriate for. 
      >Much of the textiles described in the MOL book "Dress and
      >Accessories" conform to this type.

      I'll second this -- about 80% of the wool I buy for medieval clothing
      is flannel. (I'm very fortunate in that Stonemountain & Daughter
      carries a wide selection of colors and at the end of the wool season
      you can sometimes get it as low as $10 a yard.) For some of the
      heavier "architechtural draping" looks in the 15th c., some of the
      lighter "coat-weight wool" works nicely (and comes pre-fulled).

      Heather Rose Jones
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