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29533Re: Wool-buying advice

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  • Kass McGann <historian@reconstructinghis
    Feb 28, 2003
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      > This is a good point. I've been told by "those in the know" that
      > worsted is period for Elizabethan and other late period

      Worsted wool is definitely appropriate for late period garments,
      and even many early ones. It's the *look* of modern suit wools
      that concerns me...

      > The problem with most modern wool flannels that I've seen is
      > they're too thick for things like gowns or tunics. Many are
      > heavyweight or coat weight. The flannel would be perfect if you
      > find light weight.

      I think your experience will vary by where you buy (or your fabric
      store may call lighter-weight flannels by another name). I use
      light, medium and heavy weight flannels for my garments. The
      heavy weights are coatings and will practically stand up by
      themselves. The medium weights are terrific for gowns. The
      light weight I use for my husband's hosen and for gowns and
      skirts when I'll be wearing multiple layers. I made my Shinrone
      gown out of light weight flannel because I thought the skirt would
      have been very heavy if I'd used medium weight, but I made a
      medium weight one for our Queen and it was perfect.

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