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29528Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Wool-buying advice

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  • Marian Llynn Hilliard
    Feb 28, 2003
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      On 2/28/03 7:00 PM, andrea@... wrote:

      > . Wool jersey, wool suiting, merino, gabardine,
      >> worsted....If anyone who knows more about fabric can offer some
      >> advice, I would be very grateful.
      > Wool jersey is a knit, just like cotton (t-shirt)jersey. Although a
      > very yummy fabric for mundane tops and dresses, not good for garb. I
      > have used wool suiting(make sure it's 100% wool), gabardine and
      > worsted for garb. Wool suiting and worsted tends to be similar to
      > fabric used for modern men's suits. Gabardine is a little heavier.
      > For a great summer dress, look for tropical weight men's suiting or
      > tropical weight suiting. The colors may be limited to tradition
      > suit colors, but you will be very comfortable in it for summer. I
      > have worn my tropical suiting gown during Pennsic when it was over
      > 100F during the day and was just as comfortable as my linen dresses.
      > Giovanna

      Thank you! I'm glad now that I went ahead and asked, instead of taking
      the plunge and buying that wool jersey I was eyeing. What about wool
      crepe? Or challis?

      Margaret de Greyve
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