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27917Re: the smell of smoke

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  • Kass McGann <historian@reconstructinghis
    Feb 5, 2003
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      > And Pennsic happens during the ragweed season. When I was a kid,
      > family went to the seashore just to get away from the ragweed; my
      > was horribly allergic to the stuff.

      That's not a bad idea...

      Ragweed season starts about two weeks later here in Eastern PA. The
      first time I went to Pennsic, I didn't know this and I was miserable
      for four days because I didn't think to bring meds with me.

      The second time I went, it was that hideously hot summer when we had
      almost no rain. The ragweed died before it had a change to get
      airborn. =)

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