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27266Re: [Authentic_SCA] Modern jackets

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  • Steven Proctor
    Jan 2, 2003
      "Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil" wrote:

      > this is what I see most frequently - both. Bogdan can wear a tuxedo
      > or a
      > t-shirt with equal flare and comfort. Most men today are programmed
      > that
      > they shouldn't like to 'dress up' and so they fuss and try not to do
      > so. It's a pity for them. Now, the ones like Adhemar and Bogdan, who
      > know
      > what to wear and how to wear it, more power to them; their sort will
      > usually turn heads and get lots of attention!

      I have a slightly unfair advantage in this. I went to a prep school were
      a blazer was required wearing at almost all points wen on campus. So I
      can do almost anything in a reasonably well made suit jacket. Eat,
      sleep, serve tables, dance, study, play football/frisbee/any other sort
      of grab-ass game on the quad, climb trees/over fences... other things as
      well... :-D

      > Sounds like you were spiff, darling Baron! Wish I could have seen it.

      There are, alas, no pictures...



      Having opened my 40th birthday present from my husband - a kitchen
      window fan - and now on my way to the bakery to pick up my cake, I
      started thinking: What if I get hit in this intersection, and, struck
      with amnesia, I hobble to the edge of the highway, hungry and confused,
      and am picked up by a lonely trucker headed for McDonald's and since I
      have no memory, I've forgotten I hate McDonald's, so I hop in, and he -
      just thankful for the company - figures I'm a middle aged housewife
      looking for love in all the wrong places and he's got several of them?

      GH/TW$ d+@ s:++ a C+ W++ N++ K- w+ M- PS+ PE Y+ t- 5++ X R+@ tv- b+++@
      DI++ D G e h r* y*** y++ k++ !f X+
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