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  • marshamclean@rogers.com
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Why feel sorry for us? I had a very good time and felt quite elegant in
      my double breasted dinner jacket at New Years. Copper/black silk foulard
      waistcoat, and black satin tie.... I was quite stylish.

      If gentlemen are uncomfortable in dinner jackets it's because they are
      either unaccustomed to them, or wearing badly made ones. Or possibly
      both... :-D


      ...turned a head or two, as well, I did...

      marshamclean@... wrote:

      > Madinia, all philosophical after being at a partly SCA party and
      > observing defferent ideas of party clothes.  And feeling sorry for the
      > men in their dinner jackets or tailcoats.

      Having opened my 40th birthday present from my husband - a kitchen
      window fan - and now on my way to the bakery to pick up my cake, I
      started thinking: What if I get hit in this intersection, and, struck
      with amnesia, I hobble to the edge of the highway, hungry and confused,
      and am picked up by a lonely trucker headed for McDonald's and since I
      have no memory, I've forgotten I hate McDonald's, so I hop in, and he -
      just thankful for the company - figures I'm a middle aged housewife
      looking for love in all the wrong places and he's got several of them?

      GH/TW$ d+@ s:++ a C+ W++ N++ K- w+ M- PS+ PE Y+ t- 5++ X R+@ tv- b+++@
      DI++ D G e h r* y*** y++ k++ !f X+

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