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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Jan 2, 2003
      At 10:59 AM 1/2/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      >If gentlemen are uncomfortable in dinner jackets it's because they are
      >either unaccustomed to them, or wearing badly made ones. Or possibly
      >both... :-D

      this is what I see most frequently - both. Bogdan can wear a tuxedo or a
      t-shirt with equal flare and comfort. Most men today are programmed that
      they shouldn't like to 'dress up' and so they fuss and try not to do
      so. It's a pity for them. Now, the ones like Adhemar and Bogdan, who know
      what to wear and how to wear it, more power to them; their sort will
      usually turn heads and get lots of attention!

      Sounds like you were spiff, darling Baron! Wish I could have seen it.

      Despina de la loves it when a man is comfortable in his clothes
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