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26625Re: [Authentic_SCA] Fw: Knowne World Dance and Music Symposium

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  • GR Auklandus
    Dec 3, 2002
      --- Steven Proctor <sproctor@...> wrote:
      > Cats like their toys, Gaius... be warned... :-D
      I've BEEN a cat toy before. I liked it!

      > > But it does explain the "heraldic issues" thingie.
      > With the number of clever heralds on this list, we should be able to
      > deal with heraldic issues, no?
      Maybe. You're assuming this is logical. (Illogical heralds? Naaahhhhhh!)

      > > Gaius de la have you seen the muffin man?
      > Oh, yeah. You're SOOOO butch..... :-D
      > Ta
      > Adhemar


      Yup. <GRIN>
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