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  • xina007eu
    Dec 2, 2002
      You have to be really careful about this. Is the author a specialist
      in the areas of textiles and clothing? Has he written anything about
      these topics? It doesn't matter whether he's knowledgeable in other
      fields of Celtic culture.
      This reminds me of a detective story I once read that's set in
      Elizabethan times, _Face Down among the Winchester Geese_ by Kathy
      Lynn Emerson. In this book, the author (who has also written a book
      about daily life in Elizabethan times, to be used as a reference by
      writers of historical fiction) mentions that someone puts a letter
      into her cloak pocket. I'm still trying to find a reference that
      cloaks had pockets in the mid-16th century, and I've been looking for
      about a year now.

      If the author in question is still alive and has a web site with an
      email address listed on it, one might try mailing them and ask them
      for information including their original sources (in the original
      language, of course), I guess. The "sacculus", if there is indeed a
      reference in any comtemporary source, might simply be a pouch that's
      accessible through a fitchet.

      Best regards,


      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., Lynne Lowe <grovegarden@y...> wrote:
      > >. But as long
      > > as I'm here, when did
      > > > pockets for men first come into history?
      > Hi,
      > What I have is not a primary source but it could
      > provide a starting point. I remember reading about
      > pockets at a much earlier era but with life getting in
      > the way, it took until today to find it. There is a
      > series of murder mysteries about Sister Fidelma set in
      > Ireland in the 664-666 time period, written by Peter
      > Tremayne. He is properly known as Peter Berresford
      > Ellis, a Celtic scholar, who has written a number of
      > books in the field of Celtic studies.In his book
      > "Absolution by Murder" which is set in the great
      > debate between the Celtic and Roman Churches held in
      > Whitby in what is now England in the year 664 the new
      > fashion of sewn in pockets plays a part of the plot.
      > "But a new fashion was emerging and that was for
      > religious to have a sacculus of linen sewn into the
      > folds of their garments as a means of greater
      > protection for their private belongings. The fashion
      > originated in Frankia where they called it a little
      > pouch or pocket."
      > If he were not a serious scholar I wouldn't have
      > really paid attention to it as a real possibility for
      > the age of pockets. However he seems to try to be
      > fairly accurate with his details. If he found the
      > information to use in his book then it must be out
      > there from that time period to be found. If the
      > religious were starting to use it in 664 then I would
      > think others would have picked up the fashion in
      > subsequent years.
      > I hope this is of some help.
      > Alycia d'Alcyone
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