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26121Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: What's the singular of hose?

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  • Sarah Michele Ford
    Nov 1 8:37 AM
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      On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Lena Strid wrote:

      > Sarah wrote:
      > > I'm going with "ho" just because it's funny. And that's what I've got -
      > half of a pair of hose.
      > I always assumed that hose was the singular (and plural unknown).
      > Perhaps that's because I think in swedish terms: singular: hosa,
      > plural: hosor.

      Without knowing the etymology of either, and when I'm not being silly, I
      actually categorize "hose" with "pants" - things that always come in
      pairs. ;^) Just like there's not an English singular of "pants" I'd say
      there's not really one of "hose" either. What I really have is half of a
      pair of hose.

      > Does anyone here have a clue whether hose is the plural or the
      > singular? And also, what the singular/plural then would be.

      No clue. See above for my anglo-centric theory. Anyone got the OED lying
      around handy?

      Alianor, who didn't really mean to start a linguistic discussion but isn't

      Sarah Michele Ford
      Illusion is the general rule of the universe;
      reality is but an exception.
      --Jean Baudrillard
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