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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Oct 10, 2002
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      >Thanks for the contact info, Despina!

      You're welcome. The Middle Kingdom lists all members of Chivalry, Pelican,
      and Laurel on respective pages, which are linked directly to the Middle
      Kingdom main webpage. Many of these peers have listed their contact
      information, modern name, and quite a few have pictures up as well. There
      is also a plaque for the Order Secretary, who can put you in contact with
      any member who doesn't list contact information, if the member is agreeable
      to it.

      The Laurel page has a plaque "Ask A Laurel", which anyone can use to ask a
      question to the members. My understanding is that they post the question
      to the laurel net and feed the answers back to the person asking. It's
      listed in alphabetical order, so it's not the first plaque.

      Personally, I find these features to be *extremely* helpful when looking
      for someone or searching for specific information and I'm puzzled as to why
      more kingdoms don't have pages such as these for their Peerages. IT's just
      so useful.

      Just a side thought.

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