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25785Re: Yuletide Games day

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  • ladymorwenna
    Oct 10, 2002
      > I know nothing about games and gaming. However, there is a
      > gentleman in the Middle Kingdom who received his laurel *for*
      > gaming. I'd ask him, were I you. You can reach him at brusten@d...
      > his name is Brusten de Bearsul. If the email doesn't work, you can
      > go to the MK main page, to the Order of the Laurel page, and in the
      > guildhall, you'll find him - I believe his USPS and phone number are
      > listed. He has written two CA's (#71 and #79) on period games.
      > Smiles,
      > Despina

      Thanks for the contact info, Despina! In one of his CAs, he had a
      great card game called Ranter-Go-Round and the comments said the game
      originated in Cornwall and was the first published game rules in
      Russia. Perfect for the Mighty Boyar and me to play, except there were
      no footnotes, so I don't know the source of this info. And I'm not
      willing to just take someone's word for it. Now I can ask him for his

      Thanks for reminding me,
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