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25661Skirts & bodices was Re: Tudor Details

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  • ladymorwenna
    Oct 3, 2002
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      > Despite my and my apprentices' best efforts over too
      > long, we have found not one bit of reliable evidence supporting
      > either seperate bodice/skirt garments or a waistbanded skirt.
      > Madinia

      This isn't evidence, just something to think on...

      I just put a picture called "3 women" in Morwenna's Photos. It's
      cropped from the painting "A Wedding [or Fete] at Bermondsey" by Joris
      Hoefnagel in 1575 (as memory serves). There's 3 lower-class women
      wearing bodices that are different colors from their skirts. It could
      be an argument for "separates". I used to think the woman with her
      back to us showed a gap between bodice and skirt, but now I believe
      it's her apron strings.

      The painting as a whole has a great range of classes of dress. There
      are women in open gowns, women in closed gowns, the 3 lovelies
      mentioned above.

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