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  • marshamclean@rogers.com
    Oct 1, 2002
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      To gore, or not to gore, that is the question...

      I know Tudor was the subject of discussion a few days ago, but I have
      some more questions. Thank you for all the interesting theories about
      bodices and corsetry in Tudor times, btw. I was inspired to sew a "pair
      of bodies" for under my Tudor gowns - a very lightly boned bodice, as
      opposed to the stiff Elizabethan corsets.

      Anyhow, my question: Would the overskirt on a Tudor gown be made of
      rectangles, or triangular gores? The Elizabethans I've consulted highly
      recommended cartridge pleating three rectangles onto a skirtband, not
      only for ease of construction, but they claim it's the "authentic" way
      to do it. However, they are Elizabethans, and aren't sure / haven't
      researched Tudor.

      Does anyone have documentation for either method? I've noticed it's
      common practice in the SCA to do the rectangle thing, but I want to see
      the source, and understand how it's "authentic."

      My persona is late Tudor, born in 1520, and since I'm nearly 23, my
      current fashion year would be 1543. I know we all like looking at
      pictures, so here are some links to what I'm using to get ideas:

      http://www.tudor-portraits.com/Mary_8.jpg - Mary I as a princess, 1544
      http://tudorhistory.org/jane/janegrey.jpg - Lady Jane Grey
      http://pweb.jps.net/~mcmasters1/tudor.html - A beautiful dress made by
      Lynn McMasters in the style I'm trying for.

      By the way, I should probably introduce myself. I've been lurking on the
      list since July, and have greatly enjoyed watching the discussions. It
      has me dreaming up all kinds of new projects, which of course, I don't
      have time for. This is my first year in the SCA, and I'm teaching myself
      to sew as I go. You can see my gowns on my web site:

      Farewell until our paths cross again,
      Adele de la Fontane

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