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23691Re: [Authentic_SCA] It's finished!!!

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  • Christina L Biles
    Aug 1 10:19 AM
      Despina said:
      My only question is, how is it staked and what keeps high
      winds from shredding it. Not trying to be the downer here, but looking
      the practicality side of things.

      Good question. It has stake loops about every 3 feet around the
      perimeter. (Every vertical seam has a corresponding stake loop.) The
      overlap point between sides and bells have several spots to stake, as it's
      a weak point. That'll be plenty even in bad weather, because the tent
      form itself is designed to shed wind and water. (We left it up all night
      in windy Oklahoma and it was fine.) The high peak, A construction, and
      rounded bells are VERY weatherworthy, though I don't know if it will be
      quite as nice as yurt that way.

      It looks a tad precarious in the pic partly because the side poles are
      still just a tad too long & because we are using cheapo orange plastic
      stakes instead of good ones when setting it up in the front yard. OTOH,
      we absolutely cannot leave the sides up in a high wind. It'd take off
      like a sail. I think, anyway.

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