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23051Re: [Authentic_SCA] Velvet burn

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Jul 18, 2002
      > >Gee, Despina, don't you want to throw in a couple of hand-sewn court
      > Elizabethans in there?
      > >
      > >If Gwendoline reads this, I'm a marked woman and it'll be your fault
      > Laurensa. I'm considering doing a couple of Elizabethan skirts and
      > doublets for an alternate English persona. *blush*
      >I'm reading this late but, I've got you now. <G> I believe you would be
      >more comfortable in kirtles and doublets since I will argue the skirt
      >issue with you. : )

      EEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Great! Now I'll never escape! *resigned sigh*

      I'm considering doing this because my laurel is a German who was shipped to
      England at a young age in an agreement for his apprenticeship to a jeweler
      and painter and his wife is English all the way. I just thought it would
      be cool if I surprised them by doing a persona shift to their island for an
      outfit or two. *grin*

      > > >(And where do you buy goatskin?)
      > >
      > >Talas. It's a beautiful French goatskin that cost me $82 - the last of
      > my spare money after I bought my linen
      >Do you have the contact info for these people?

      Sure, http://nt.bnt.com/talas/menu.html?category=148 is the direct link
      to their parchement pages, http://talasonline.com/ puts you at their homepage.

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