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228Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Religion

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  • stephen higa
    Mar 7, 2001
      > It was indeed magical...well, up until a boot came flying out the tent of
      > someone with a hangover and hit the caller!
      > Allaaaaahu akb- ow! :o)

      no, really??

      Okay, I'm going to try it at the next event. Of course, I'll have to wake
      up at dawn, but there you go.

      I don't have a Muslim persona, but no one will know who it is, they'll just
      hear it ringing out. I hope to create "magic moments" for people by doing
      that, especially the Muslim personae who just might follow the summons and
      kneel to face Mecca in prayer.

      Qu'er non es grazitz lunhs mestiers
      menhs en cort que de belh saber
      de trobar -- qu'auzir e vezer
      hi vol hom mais captenhs leugiers
      e critz mesclatz ab dezonor.

      --Guiraut Riquier, 1292
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