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224Re: [Authentic_SCA] Vocal music and Languages

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  • Kass McGann
    Mar 7, 2001
      > Sorry for the digression, but what can I
      > say, I'm a nerd...

      What you sorry for, Vittoria? So are we all! That was really cool to know,
      even though I know nothing about classical poetry or musical performance.

      > Bob the musicologist, where can I find information on Greek modes? Will >
      any music theory text have them? I vaguely remember names like Lydian,
      > Phrygian, and Mixolydian being thrown about in my high school music
      > class - are they indeed the same scales the Greeks used, and weren't they
      > carried through to the Middle Ages? When did the "modern" major and minor
      > scales come into use? I'd love some information, or the title of a good
      > book where I could find it - our music library is very well-stocked.

      You know you've just made sure that my dinner doesn't get made on time,
      don't you? ;)

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