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22305Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: A proposal for Authenticity

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  • Tom Knighton
    Jul 1, 2002
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      I wanted to thank everyone for the input. The idea's that I had or stole
      (depending on the idea) were just that, Ideas!

      I have heard some people who want a top-down approach while others would
      prefer a bottom-up approach. I know that the SCA will never be Regia or
      another living history group. However, I do feel that we should make a
      strong effort toward improving the overall look of the SCA. Perhaps by
      making period patterns for some basic garb easily accessible, then maybe we
      will see the overall look of the SCA improve. Most new people seem to want
      to do it authentic, it's usually a lack of access to the correct patterns
      and materials that get them away from that.

      As for things I suggested for the bottom up side, this was mostly as an idea
      for people within the shire to get together and do. My shire and I are
      working toward providing loaner amor of an authentic style (the last marshal
      didn't take care of the armor and most has to be replaced). Also, loaner
      armor won't go home with a newcomer. If they want to fight at an event,
      then they should get their own kit together. We have armorers here in the
      shire so that's something we have over other shires!

      I greatly appreciate the input. Are there things that YOU think should be
      there? Maybe you have an idea that I haven't heard yet but would work.
      PLEASE help me here :o)

      I spent to long in the SCA "getting by" like most of the people today. I
      want to get away from that while helping OTHERS not get into that.

      Thanks again,

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