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  • marshamclean@rogers.com
    Jun 22, 2002

      I think the ladies on the left hand side of the "Fete at Bermondsley"
      image can give you some idea of country wear. Personally, from my
      research - I don't think they would be that visually distinguishable
      from lower ranks.  Smock, (possibly some sort of skirt support),
      petticoat with petticoat bodies, a kirtle, coif, and apron would be my
      take on it.  Either an older gown cut down (with the fancy gold &
      jewels picked off) or out of plain stuff with simple guards.  Don't
      forget the reuse/recycle mindset.

      Does that help?


      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., Kirrily Robert <skud@i...> wrote:
      > Madinia asked:
      > > Does anyone have any docs about what an upper class 16th c person
      > > (lady) would wear casually.  By casually, I mean in the country,
      > > in public.  Perhaps in the stillroom, or for other practical
      > My guess (and it is a guess) is that she'd wear the same basic
      > as usual -- smock, kirtle, gown, cap -- but in plainer fabrics and
      > ornamented.  Not unornamented, but not encrusted with jewels. 
      > without major shape-changing undergarments (farthingale etc) or with
      > just corded petticoats or whatever... something that she can move
      > in a bit more easily than usual.  I'd guess good wool as the main
      > fabric.  I'd also guess at slightly sober colours, such as black,
      > mulberry, tawney, gooseturd, dead spaniard, and all those other
      > colour names, rather than the white and gold and suchlike that are
      > common in court portraits.  I'd expect spotless linen, however, and
      > small to moderate ruffs, although perhaps no ruffs at the wrists if
      > was actually at work in the stillroom... I can just imagine getting
      > all gummed up with marchpane and quince paste and stained with
      > The place to look would probably be inventories and wills,
      > for gowns and kirtles that aren't described as being encrusted with
      > ornamentation... Gwendoline, got any of that?
      > I was trying to do some research into aprons, especially whether
      > were worn by upper class adult women in 16th century England, and I
      > should probably go digging that stuff out again.
      > Yours,
      > Katherine
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