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208Re: [Authentic_SCA] Vocal music and Languages

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  • Brighid the-short-blonde-Scot
    Mar 7, 2001
      Amateur musicians may have amused themselves with setting portions of Homer and Sophocles to music, rather than reciting them straight out.  Can anyone support/refute this?  I'm totally guessing about this :)

      We just got done with Homer's Illiad in my Classics class too. (I'm not a classics major though, I'm an Industrial Design Major that invades everyone else's classes.) It begins the poem with "Sing, goddess, the anger of Peleus's son Achilleus", but that could be just an invocation of the Muse, or a translational change. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have problems changing "sing" from Greek to English though, but I'm not a linguist. In the Introduction section of my Illiad (by Richmond Lattimore), it is said that it is meant to be orally presented. Whether that's recited, sung, and whether that's to music is not really stated. My classics prof (a Dr.), had said that it should be recited with harp music, but admittedly I was really tired that class and I can't tell you her explanation. I'll ask her tonight and let you know.
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