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196Re: [Authentic_SCA] Vocal music and Languages

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  • L Joseph
    Mar 6, 2001
      --- Kass McGann <historian@...>
      > Amen sister! Bob was busy doing court business
      > stuff and didn't get to hear
      > them perform, and I am a rank amateur, but what they
      > did didn't sound
      > anything like the organum *I*'ve ever heard.
      > They were Ren Faire performers and the King and
      > Queen aren't learned enough
      > to know that.
      The King had enough sense to pick Mistress Dorigen. He
      tries. He really tries for a stick swinger.
      > Amen again! Personally, I think Ismenia was
      > downright robbed... [for all
      > those who aren't in the East, Lady Ismenia Wysten is
      > a wonderful storyteller
      > who was the only finalist in the Bardic
      > Championships who didn't win]
      Agreed. Storytelling is not my metier, but she's
      > You better! And as soon as I find out from Bob what
      > that means, I'll be sure to ride you about it... =)

      On his way back from the crusade, Richard Lionheart
      was captured and imprisoned by Leopold(?)of Austria.
      "Ja nus hon pris" is the song he wrote complaining of
      his plight. The melody is lovely and will be easy
      enough to arrange for psaltery. Whether I can memorize
      that much Old French (and pronounce it) will be the

      Jehanne de Wodeford, Rusted Woodlands, East

      "I do but sing because I must, And pipe but as the linnets sing." Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "In Memoriam."

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