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195Re: [Authentic_SCA] Vocal music and Languages

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  • Kass McGann
    Mar 6, 2001
      > Kass, you witnessed who won as the East Kingdom's
      > Queen's Bards last month and with what material. I'd
      > dearly LOVE to see what sources they used to determine
      > that "Red Is The Rose" is period (to be fair, I didn't
      > see what their documentation was) and they outright
      > lied about singing it in organum, because that
      > harmonic structure would've made it sound extremely
      > alien to modern Western listeners.

      Amen sister! Bob was busy doing court business stuff and didn't get to hear
      them perform, and I am a rank amateur, but what they did didn't sound
      anything like the organum *I*'ve ever heard.

      They were Ren Faire performers and the King and Queen aren't learned enough
      to know that.

      > Then there's Lady Ana, who writes period poetry in
      > Spanish AND English. Amazing.....

      Amen again! Personally, I think Ismenia was downright robbed... [for all
      those who aren't in the East, Lady Ismenia Wysten is a wonderful storyteller
      who was the only finalist in the Bardic Championships who didn't win]

      > Guess I'd better get my kiester in gear and learn "Ja
      > Nus Hon Pris" like I've been meaning to do.

      You better! And as soon as I find out from Bob what that means, I'll be
      sure to ride you about it... =)

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