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187Re: [Authentic_SCA] Vocal music and Languages

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  • Ariane Helou
    Mar 4, 2001
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      Moshe wrote:

      >Ah, the Boston Camerata folks are my pantheon! Anne Azema (the main female
      >vocalist) is a GODDESS. I'm not kidding, check out their recordings. Even
      >if they're doing non-period music (like 19th c. American folk hymns and
      >spirituals, or Shaker songs) the performances are top-notch, as is the
      >research. Joel Cohen (the director) also directs another ensemble, Camerata
      >Mediterranea, dedicated to the exploration of the early Mediterranean

      Yeah, they are quite impressive. So I just uploaded to the files section a
      track from their Carmina Burana album - it's "Ich was ein chint," the
      half-German-half-Latin ballad that Justin mentioned recently...and of
      course, sung by Anne Azema, Moshe's goddess ;) She really does have a
      marvelous voice, perfectly suited to the early music repertoire.
      And for the sake of argument...let's see if those unfamiliar with this song
      can guess the meaning of it, without a full translation. I realize this is
      made difficult since the visual aspect of a live performance is missing,
      but Azema's voice is expressive as well as beautiful, and the sense of the
      ballad should come across.
      And by the way, I love the photos you've all submitted! They're really
      great -- very impressive garb, illuminations, everything...those kinds of
      things remind me why the SCA is so cool! :)


      PS Just a warning, the mp3 file is pretty slow to download...totally worth
      it, though.
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